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Dubai Photography for TUI Travel

Currently writing this at the height of the coronavirus outbreak while the UK is in lockdown. Travel photography is way off the agenda for now so sadly this is probably the last travel related post for the foreseeable future.

At the end of February/early March before international governments started limiting travel and enforcing social distancing against the coronavirus, I was commissioned to shoot a number of hotels and a couple of excursions in Dubai for TUI Travel.

With the help of Faye from head office and fellow travel photographer Chris Willan (, we had the challenge of shooting 8 large hotels with a day allocated for each.

Despite the minute by minute planning and our phone’s timers being set for individual shots, it was impossible not to overrun on certain set ups but we somehow managed to cover the majority of the brief.

The excursions were a lot of fun and involved a helicopter tour, city tour and 4×4 desert safari.