Malta revisited

I googled how big Malta is. It’s very small- only 122 square miles. Despite it’s small size it has a lot to offer and plenty of unique character, which is lucky because this was my fourth visit in as many years and I needed to have fresh approach.

TUI had a number of hotels that needed an update so I was commissioned for just over a week to photograph them. Slightly late in the year so a few issues with areas being open and the low sun vs tall buildings but otherwise successful.

There were a couple of days set aside for shooting destinations, one of which was a boat trip to the famous Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. I’d not been there on previous visits and I saw why it’s so popular.

Paranoia really sets in when you’re hiding a few grands worth of camera kit under a small towel, but there was no way I was leaving without having a swim in them turquoise waters.  Trying to avoid the crowds, I took the floating GoPro so I’m technically working and had 10 minutes before I got too relaxed.

Only dip of the trip as everything else was shot around Valetta other old towns.