Marella Explorer 2

TUI Cruise Explorer 2

TUI’s Marella Explorer 2 was sailing around the Adriatic Sea and I was commissioned to photograph the ship in each port.

Also on the brief was the destination images along with time lapses and anything else I could get for social media.

I was also asked to shoot some of the ship’s evening entertainment while at sea.

We flew into Split, Croatia and had literally 30 minutes to get to our first shot location and back again in time for the ship to set sail.

From Split we went on to Venice, Ancona (East Italy), Dubrovnik, Messina (Sicily) and finally Naples.

Unfortunately there was heavy rain when we docked at both Dubrovnik and Messina.

Sometimes you can work around the weather and shoot interiors, food etc. but we really needed iconic location shots. When everyone is huddled in doorways, wearing waterproofs and holding umbrellas it’s an impossible situation, and with only a few hours in each location there wasn’t time to hang about and wait for it to improve.

I still managed to get a decent amount of content from the trip and my first time in Venice was amazing.